Why Horses?

Horses are powerful co-therapists. They have the extraordinary ability to read our mental, emotional, and physical states. A horse is like a mirror, or reflection in water, reflecting back our true internal states of being. They have a special gift for teaching us about relationships by requesting our authenticity, congruency, and presence.

Horses do not judge and are genuinely accepting when we begin to align with our true selves. Groups of horses, called horse herds, also offer an advanced model for pro-social and balanced family dynamics.


What to Expect

Equine-Assisted Therapy is a unique therapeutic modality that offers your teen the opportunity to learn about themselves on a deeper level. Equine-assisted therapy typically builds on canine-assisted therapy, but can also stand alone. It's an excellent service for teens ages 13-18.

Equine sessions are 60 minutes long. We work together to develop a plan to guide our sessions. Goals typically focus on life skills such as intention setting, mindfulness, leadership, trust, and expressing your true thoughts and feelings. We partner with a variety of horses well-suited for your teen. All of the work with the horses is done from the ground, not in the saddle.

Teens graduate from equine-assisted therapy with the ability to express their feelings and needs, better cope with strong emotions, heal from past hurts, and authentically connect with peers.

Equine sessions are offered at the Wish Fulfilling Tree, or at a nearby ranch in Sebastopol, CA.



Schedule a Free Consultation

Equine-assisted therapy is truly an innovative approach to therapy, and creates personal openings that we may have never known were possible. Please contact Shanti to schedule a phone consultation.