Helping Teens Move Forward with Confidence

Ultimately, your teen is trying to find their unique self in the world but is feeling anxious, alone, and discouraged. What's even more challenging is they don’t want to talk to you about it! We get it, and our goal is for your teen is to learn skills to express themselves in healthy ways.

Getting your child through their teenage years may be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done... With support from us at the Wish Fulfilling Tree, we can help your teen find their authentic self and develop life skills to move forward with confidence.

Teens graduate from therapy standing taller, expressing their feelings, believing in themselves and their abilities, and building trusting relationships.

The Wish Fulfilling Tree helps teens grow in these areas:



What You Can Expect From Us

Teen Therapy near Santa Rosa, CA

Authenticity: You family and your teen are unique... and your therapy will be, too. We take care to make sure your child is treated as the beautiful individual they are.

Integrity: We value showing up as you are in the present moment and will explore this with your teen.

Connection: We value responsive & open communication with you and your family.

Out of the Box Approach: We find that both Animal-Assisted Therapy and a mind-body approach are innovative methods to healing that work well for teens.