Why Dogs?

Dogs are our loyal and caring partners. They live in the present moment are tuned in to our emotional, physical, and mental states. The require assertive leadership yet are non-judgmental and forgiving of our mistakes. They offer emotional and physical comfort during challenging times. They are playful and humorous and bring out the joy in us. It’s no wonder they are considered man's, or human’s, best friend!


What to Expect

Canine-Assisted Therapy is a hands-on, playful, and engaging therapeutic approach for children 6 years and older. The mutually agreed upon goals between your child and therapist guide the content of sessions. Typically, goals focus on life skills such as recognizing and regulating emotions, setting healthy boundaries, assertive communication, and problem-solving skills.

Canine sessions are typically 60 minutes and include your child, the doggie co-therapist, and the therapist. The canine experience provides an excellent foundation for your child to build confidence in their emotional and social skills before graduating to the equine experience. It is also an excellent stand-alone service for children ages 6-12.

Sessions are conveniently offered at the Wish Fulfilling Tree in Sebastopol, or in your home.


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