Every teen wants to be seen, heard, and understood for who they are...

We specialize in helping teens heal & grow through
the power of the Human-Animal Connection.


Animal-Assisted Therapy for Teens
Sonoma County, CA

Here at the Wish Fulfilling Tree Therapeutic Ranch, we focus on making therapy feel both safe and engaging for your teen.

The young people we work with may be new to therapy, or may have found traditional talk therapy to be boring, uncomfortable, or otherwise ineffective. We connect with teens using a different approach – through mutual connection with our trained therapeutic animals. This is "animal-assisted therapy".

Through the healing power of the animal-human bond, your teen can develop confidence, build connected relationships, and find strength in their true selves.



How Can We Help Your Teen Grow Their Self-Esteem, Inner Strength, & Integrity?

Find out how together we can help your child heal.