The Journey and the Vision


I was born with horses in my blood. For as long as I remember, I have felt a deep connection with horses.

At the age of six, I began riding and bought my first pony. I was hooked! Horses were irreplaceable partners through my adolescent years. They taught me the life values of trust, empathy, responsibility, leadership and so many more life skills. I practiced “traditional horsemanship” for the first half of my life and then began to explore the deeper, spiritual connection I felt with horses and animals.

After graduating from college and working in a residential facility, I realized the power of the human-animal bond. That was when I realized my passion, vision, and life’s work is to bring Animal-Assisted Therapy to the world. With this realization, I pursued my Masters in Social Work (MSW) with an Animal Assisted Social Work Certificate (AASW) at the University of Denver.

Through field experience, I gained invaluable knowledge, skills, experience, and respect from working with the most at-risk children, youth, and families in Denver, Marin and Sonoma Counties. Through these experiences, I still found myself longing to offer a deeper, more reflective, and transformational approach to healing.

I found Medicine Horse Ranch and continued to pursue my passion and increase my expertise through a year and a half apprenticeship. At Medicine Horse Ranch, I found congruency with my value and philosophy that horses work as equal partners in the relationship and that this mutual partnership allows for the deep, core learning to take place.

Through this process, I have crossed a few milestones. I adopted my horse, Justice. Justice and I work on a daily basis, exploring and developing our relationship. I shed a job that no longer served my greater vision, my greater self. I have now stepped onto the path of bringing my passion and vision to life.

I now offer offer Animal-Assisted Therapy at the Wish Fulfilling Tree to the children and families I have yearned to truly serve. This journey offers opportunities for learning and growth every step of the way. Everyday I am looking to my horse partners for guidance and inspiration.

Today’s message from the horse nation is to follow my heart and let that guide me on this journey to fulfillment. If you, your family, your child, or a friend of yours is looking an “out of the box” approach to therapy please contact the Wish Fulfilling Tree.

Stay tuned for future posts on Lessons from a Horse.

Nicole Bonsol