Heart Healing for the Whole Community

At the Wish Fulfilling Tree, our vision is to provide a new community paradigm of living from the heart.

We are a three-generation family-owned and operated property. When the family was considering purchasing the property, they consulted The Mo, a Tibetan divination system, and the Wish Fulfilling Tree card appeared. The symbol of the Wish Fulfilling Tree represents “good works being accomplished”. Thus, our therapeutic ranch was born and found its name.

Across the generations, the vision has been to offer a safe and sacred communal space where you can come and experience just the right integrated healing medicine for you. Central to this experience is being surrounded and integrated into heart centered harmony with nature and animals. This is the new community paradigm of living from the heart. Creating this new community paradigm includes hosting other like-hearted healing professionals where heart centered work can be mutually shared and received.

Healing from the Heart Experiences Available:

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Tenchi Aikido

  • Generation of Harmony lectures & workshops

If you are a like-hearted professional interested in community collaboration please contact Shanti

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