Children and teens can be more responsive to their peers than to adults.

Sometimes groups are the best places for your child’s personal and social growth. Our animal-assisted therapeutic groups offer the opportunity for your child’s personal and pro-social learning through direct interactions with their peers and the animals. The therapist, co-facilitator, and animal co-therapists create a safe and playful space for experiential learning to take place.

Your child can learn to master these skills in our peer groups:

  • Healthy Boundary Setting

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Team Work
  • Leadership Skills

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Pawsitive Canine Group

This group is designed to assist your teenager in exploring their relationships, increasing their emotional awareness and empathy, working as part of a team, and finding their unique voice and identity. Through experiential canine-assisted activities your teen will have the experience of embodying these important life skills. Offered Fall 2018.

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Lessons From Horses: A Summer Camp for Girls

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This experiential and collaborative therapeutic equine summer camp focuses on developing your daughter’s life skills including:

  • Integrating mind-body awareness
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Improving communication
  • Developing authentic connection to self, horses, and friends
  • Increasing self-esteem

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This was a wonderful class that demonstrated how to stay present and connected to ourselves, our experiences and perspectives, and the environment around us via our interaction with horses. Highly recommended!
— Sonoma County Group Participant

Equine Social-Emotional Skill Building Group

The Wish Fulfilling Tree partners with TLC Child & Family Services to offer an equine social-emotional skill building group three times a year. Working within this 10-week group, teens interactively learn and practice social-emotional skills including assertive communication, healthy boundary setting, emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, and mindfulness. Group participants often naturally experience an increase in empathy, respect, and self-esteem through the process.


Questions About Joining a Group / Camp?

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